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Heart Lock Wall

The impact of the legend is irresistible. Thousands of visitors place a long-lasting reminder for all to see that they heard the legend, felt the passion and experienced the legendary view of Puntan Dos Amantes. What started as a lark, with just a few heart locks brought by tourists, has now become a treasured attraction. Locks purchased by visitors from around the world colorfully festoon fences specially made to hold the thousands that have been left. Every one of the locks celebrates the passion and the love that Puntan Dos Amantes engenders between people and cultures in the Pacific... Read more



Lookout Point

Puntan Dos Amantes is Guam’s most famous visitor attraction. It is frequented by more people than any other attraction on Guam. Its profile at the northern end of Tumon Bay rises 368 feet from the reef below, offering views of both the eastern and western sides of the island. Its position provides those that venture to the site a unique view of the mountainous volcanic geography of the south and the level limestone plateau of northern Guam. Lookout Point is a unique cantilevered platform perched over the edge of the point. It offers a bird’s-eye view of the... Read more



The Love Bell

Undying love crosses all cultures.  Regardless of nation, race, religion or human experience, the love people share defines our humanity.  The commemoration of the love of the Chamorros was celebrated in 1989 with the presentation of a bell from the people of Izu Prefecture of Japan. There, at a place called Cape Toi, the love of two people is also remembered and visited by thousands of visitors. To recognize and celebrate this common bond between Japan and the Chamorros, the people of Izu presented and erected a bell at Puntan Dos Amantes... Read more



Natural Cavern

Guam is made up of two distinct geographic regions.  The south of Guam is volcanic in origin, mountainous and consisting largely of clay soils. Northern Guam is an uplifted limestone plateau created by eons of coral reef growth and plate tectonics. If you look to the north from the “Lookout Point,” the uplifted flat limestone plateau is unmistakable. Guam, the largest island of the Marianas archipelago, is part of an active volcanic chain.  The island experiences more than 300 earthquakes a year as the Pacific plate shifts under the Asian plate pushing Guam upward... Read more



9-11 Memorial

John F. Kennedy once said, "Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures." The Puntan Dos Amantes legend is part of the long road to peace that the Chamorro people have travelled. The legend is a memory from the beginning of generations of peace between the Chamorro people and the Spanish.  It is a place where the beauty of peace is celebrated every day and there are numerous monuments and remembrances of those that treasure peace. None is more poignant or... Read more



Gift Shop

Don’t forget to visit the Puntan Dos Amantes gift shop. It provides a wide array of locally made crafts and souvenirs. You can pick up a stamped mailer that you can send home right from gift shop. The mailer contains beautiful pictures of Puntan Dos Amantes.  Also, you will find post cards depicting some of Guam’s most spectacular views from the “Lookout Point.” If you’re interested in learning more about the legend of Puntan Dos Amantes, you’ll find audio and video souvenirs that tell the legend in three languages.  Also heart locks make the perfect... Read more


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